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Image that says RF and HIFEM Plus for Fat and Muscle
EM Sculpt Neo logo
An image of a young mother holding her baby, next to another image of an elderly mother and her grown daughter. Text reads: Moms and Elderly - transform your body and your life at any age exclamation mark. Mom and baby image says negative 47.2%. Elderly mom and grown daughter image says negative 55.9%
EM Sculpt logo
Image of a muscular shirtless man walking and text that says "EM Sculpt Neo. You Can Do It. 30 minutes. Fat and muscle. Non-invasive."
Image of a middle aged father holding his young son in the air with text that says "Happy Father's Day - EM Sculpt"

Men at any age can
look and feel their best!

Side by side before and after photos of a woman's stomach. In the Before picture, her stomach is flabby. In the After picture, her stomach is flat and she has noticeable abs. Text beneath the photo says "1 month after the last treatment, courtesy of BTL Aesthetics"
Side by side before and after photos of a man's stomach. In the Before picture, the man's stomach is flabby. In the After picture, the man has noticeable abs. The text beneath says "3 months after the last treatment,  courtesy of Carolyn Jacob, MD"
Side by side images. A before and after photo. In the Before photo, we see a woman's arm with the flabby area of her underarm circled. In the After photo, we see the same arm, now toned and tight. Text says "EM Sculpt Neo. Toned Up. Results and patient experience may vary. Less Fat. More muscle."



dr maida 04 site Emsculpt_Neo_PIC_Body-Pdr maida arts-female-transparent_ENUS100_Emsculpt_
Image of a man in glasses looking over his shoulder


Image of a man in his underwear. Text highlights different parts of his body. Main text says: "EM Sculpt Neo - what it does..." Then the words, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, biceps, triceps, and calves.


dr maida machineEmsculpt_Neo_PIC_Unit-1_ENUS100 (1).jpg

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