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        Thank you, Dr. Maida, for your dedication and excellent care of my father during a difficult time in our lives. You are always there for him and our family, and we are beyond grateful. After accurately diagnosing his condition, which could have been easily misdiagnosed, you advised him on a treatment plan to improve his condition. Thankfully we are on the right path, and his prognosis has improved.
Eternally grateful,    

- B. K. local resident

For so many years, I wanted to lose weight and change the shape of my body. I had heard from a friend that she had success with Dr. Maida, and I decided to inquire about their weight loss program. Thrilled to say I lost 30 lbs. and feel so much better.

During the time I was losing weight, I learned that there were several things I could do to assist me on this journey. I began B-12 injections, looked into and began body sculpting once I lost weight, and now Dr. Maida is offering IV infusions to help me with my metabolism and many other areas of concern. 

I am grateful to my friend, and I appreciate

Dr. Maida and his staff for their dedication and kindness. Thank You Dr. Maida!


After Covid, I haven't been myself; I lack energy, don't sleep well, and am achy from inflammation. Over the past year, I was thankful Dr. Maida spent the time to evaluate my symptoms and create a wellness plan. 
Making changes in my diet, following his protocol, and receiving B-12 injections was a good start. 
I recently started IV infusions, so there is a significant change. The Meyers' Cocktail is precisely what I needed to help build me up. I had brain fog and other long Covid symptoms. I can't wait for the next infusion!
Thank you, Dr. Maida and his professional staff, for helping me through this uncomfortable and difficult time.
- M.K.

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