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There are many diseases that standard exams can’t identify. DNA testing can find numerous potential health threats lurking in the shadows. E. Martin Maida, MD, offers men and women at his self-titled practice in Livingston, New Jersey, cutting-edge DNA testing to diagnose these threats. Call or go online today to learn more about what DNA testing can do for you and your family.

DNA Testing Q & A

What is a DNA test?

Your DNA is the genetic chemical database that determines your body’s functions. Genetic testing examines your DNA to identify any abnormalities in your genes that can cause illness and disease in the short term or down the line.

Test results that point to a potential issue won’t necessarily mean you’ll develop a disease, and a negative DNA test won’t guarantee you won’t, but the test will give you a heads-up for potential problems.

What is a DNA test used for?

There are a number of DNA tests Dr. Maida might recommend, including:

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic DNA tests are instrumental in identifying the potential causes of symptoms you might be experiencing. In some cases, these symptoms could be caused by mutated genes, as is the case for Huntington’s disease or cystic fibrosis.


A DNA test of this type can help determine which medication and dosage will be the most beneficial to you in treating a specific health condition or disease.

Presymptomatic testing

Presymptomatic testing comes in handy when you have a known family history of a specific disease. Dr. Maida will suggest this kind of DNA test to determine whether you’re at risk of developing the disease.

Carrier testing

If you’re thinking about having a child and know that you have a family history of a genetic disorder, a carrier DNA test can identify whether you or your partner carry the gene.

Prenatal testing

Pregnant women can elect to take a prenatal DNA test to detect abnormalities in the baby’s genes. This can screen for Down syndrome or trisomy 18.

Preimplantation testing

Dr. Maida recommends preimplantation testing if you and your partner are conceiving a child in vitro. This test screens for genetic abnormalities in the embryo before it is implanted in the uterus.

What is a stool DNA test?

A stool DNA test is a genetic test that monitors changes in the cells of your stool. In most cases, Dr. Maida recommends a stool DNA test to screen for colon cancer or colon polyps. The test can also determine whether your stool contains blood, which might be an early sign of cancer.

If you want to look for any potential hidden health issues, call or go online to book an appointment with E. Martin Maida, MD today.