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E. Martin Maida, MD


Personalized Medicine

      Wellness & Preventative Care 

Body Contouring, Weight Loss, Wellness Services 

209 S. Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07039

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Weight Loss
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Emsculpt Neo is:

Safe and Effective, clinically proven results
Advanced technology to burn fat and add muscle.
ONLY a 30-minute treatment
Non-surgical & Non-invasive
is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats
Builds muscle and burns fat
Decreases fat by 30%
Increases muscle by 25%
Long-term belly fat reduction
Painless, no downtime

Emsculpt Neo & Emsculpt Neo Edge Treatment Improves: 

Abs, Butt, Full Thighs, Love Handles, Biceps, Triceps & Calves
Abdominal tone
Strengthens abdominal muscles
Develops a firmer abdomen
Develops arms muscle tone, 
firmness, and strength

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 FDA- Cleared
for 5 body area treatments.
Safe & Effective, building muscle and sculpting, firming, & toning.

   Abs  ARMS     Butt   
 Calves  Thighs

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Coolsculpting is: 

Non-surgical & Non-invasive
 Fat Reduction Treatment
Stubborn Fat, Stubborn Bulges,
 Belly Fat, Love Handles,
Muffin Tops, & Under the Chin     
 Freezes unwanted area fat

Results are seen in about 3 weeks     
Little to no downtime 

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TempSure Envi is a Non-surgical skin-tightening treatment that safely and effectively reduces firming fine lines & wrinkles on
the face & neck.

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Personalized Preventative Medicine

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Dr. Myers created the gold standard of delivering IV vitamins & minerals to go directly into your bloodstream. 
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Are you feeling
Tired, or lacking energy?
Does your immune system need a boost?

IV Treatments can:
       Build up your immune system
Protect against infection
Improve your recovery and
healing time after an illness
Help with Brain Fog
Help Burn Fat
   Restore Energy   
   Boost your Metabolism
  Boost Wellness 
Helps alleviate:
Migraines, Allergies, Asthma, Upper Respiratory Symptoms, Hangovers, Nicotine Withdrawals, Fibromyalgia, Depression/Mood,
Muscle Spasm, Fatigue, and
Cardiovascular Disease
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B-12 Injections
Image by CDC
B-12    B o o s t s:


immune system

Overall Metabolic Rate


Healthy skin
& hair growth


sleep & appetite

  Detoxify the body

Increases Red Blood Cell Production

Maintains a Healthy Liver

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Dr. Maida is a doctor who makes a difference in all of his patients' lives.

For patients who are members of MDVIP,
your membership includes

a comprehensive annual wellness program with advanced screenings and testing available. Dr. Maida will create a personalized wellness plan for you. The benefits are immeasurable.
Many patients join with their family members.
Each membership includes visits that aren't rushed; appointments are available the day of or the next day, and a doctor known for his diagnostic insights, dedication, and care will create a personalized wellness plan for you.

Testing will assess your:
1. Heart Health
2. Diabetes
3. Respiratory Health
4. Bone Health
5. Sleep 

6. Vision & Hearing


  Start your wellness journey
with a personalized weight loss program medically supervised by an internist and professional staff. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and how we can achieve them.
At your first visit, you will have a weight screen analysis, and we will learn about your medical history and create a weight loss plan.
Nutritional snacks, bars, drinks, and meals are available for purchase. 

If you are interested in Semaglutide injections, we now offer this weight loss treatment in our office.


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3 D Body Scanner

             Styku is an innovative
Non-invasive body scanner that measures body fat.  A 360-degree evaluation that transmits your information to the computer and delivers a printable guide for your specific body information. This is a game changer when creating a plan for your journey with weight loss and body contouring.


        Thank you, Dr. Maida, for your dedication and excellent care of my father during a difficult time in our lives. You are always there for him and our family, and we are beyond grateful. After accurately diagnosing his condition, which could have been easily misdiagnosed, you advised him on a treatment plan to improve his condition. Thankfully we are on the right path, and his prognosis has improved.
Eternally grateful,    

- B. K. local resident

For so many years, I wanted to lose weight and change the shape of my body. I had heard from a friend that she had success with Dr. Maida, and I decided to inquire about their weight loss program. Thrilled to say I lost 30 lbs. and feel so much better.

During the time I was losing weight, I learned that there were several things I could do to assist me on this journey. I began B-12 injections, looked into and began body sculpting once I lost weight, and now Dr. Maida is offering IV infusions to help me with my metabolism and many other areas of concern. 

I am grateful to my friend, and I appreciate

Dr. Maida and his staff for their dedication and kindness. Thank You Dr. Maida!


After Covid, I haven't been myself; I lack energy, don't sleep well, and am achy from inflammation. Over the past year, I was thankful Dr. Maida spent the time to evaluate my symptoms and create a wellness plan. 
Making changes in my diet, following his protocol, and receiving B-12 injections was a good start. 
I recently started IV infusions, so there is a significant change. The Meyers' Cocktail is precisely what I needed to help build me up. I had brain fog and other long Covid symptoms. I can't wait for the next infusion!
Thank you, Dr. Maida and his professional staff, for helping me through this uncomfortable and difficult time.
- M.K.

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The CareCredit card allows you to use 1 transaction to finance packages, bundled services, and treatment plans within 3 months or you can pay over time.
Please contact Pam for more information.

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